3 Most Common Lies Told By Recruitment Agencies

Posted 11/3/2013 by Benet Hanley

So we’ve looked at your CV and we’ve looked at the job descriptions… but we’re still not all being completely truthful. It’s time to look at the final link in the chain, the recruitment agency. As helpful as we can be, there’s still a few who tell a little white lie or two to make their lives easier. It’s time to set the record straight!

Here are the three most common lies told by recruitment agencies.

1. “We’ve sent your CV to the client.”

No… they haven’t. This is a lie that some agencies will tell their candidates in order to avoid having to tell them that they just aren’t right for the vacancy. What they need to remember is that candidates are adults and understand that they’re not always going to be successful. Show them respect, be honest and they will work with you in the future with vacancies that will be suited to them.

2. “No feedback yet, sorry.”

Again, the agency is too afraid to tell the truth – which is that the candidate has been unsuccessful. This doesn’t help anyone involved as it makes the client look like they don’t care about the vacancy and the agency look like they’re incapable of getting information from their client, not to mention it misleads the candidate and gives hope that they might still be successful, rather than giving them closure on one position so that they can focus on another.

3. Candidate Bagging

Possibly the worst act by an agency is to collect as many candidates as they can, before they officially have control of a vacancy. They don’t necessarily intend to use these candidates for the position, but they don’t want any other agencies to use them either. It’s a way of getting complete control over the shortlist, regardless of whether or not the candidate should be on it or not. These are the control freaks of the recruitment business and must be avoided! There’s no harm in keeping in touch with your candidates even when you don’t have anything for them, but no good can come from pretending that you do.

The theme across all of these posts is that honestly, above all else, is most important. Finding the right opportunity isn’t something to be looked at lightly – you need you focus on exactly what you require and be particular with the recruiters you work with. If you deal with honest, knowledgeable and helpful recruiters then you won’t run into these lies and you will be on your way to finding your ideal job!

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