When Is It Time To Bring In A Recruiter?

Posted 22/6/2015 by Benet Hanley

A recruitment consultancy is rarely a company’s first port of call when it comes to growing their team. As human beings we can be quite stubborn and insist that we can fix our problems ourselves. More importantly, we can fix them without spending any money.

But sometimes DIY recruitment causes more problems than it solves, and you can find yourself spending money when you’re trying to save it. You need to determine early on whether this is a job for you or for a recruiter.

This can be difficult to tell sometimes, so we thought we’d give you a hand in identifying the signs.

The role is not your expertise
It’s hard to hire the best FPGA Engineer or Laser Engineer if this is not your area of expertise, and more importantly what they specifically need to do well in order to benefit your company. This is why specialist recruiters exist, to know exactly the type of person you need for your company when you’re not quite sure.

The role is specific
If you’re looking for a role that’s flexible and that you can mould around the right person then maybe you could be better off looking on your own. However, if your team is missing a specific skill set then you need someone with experience in getting those hard to find talents. Recruiters know who has those skill sets, who’s available and who would fit perfectly within your existing team.

You don’t have time
Recruiting a new hire is difficult and time consuming and not something that every manager has time to do. While using a recruiter costs money, so does not having time to work on your own projects because you’re too busy trying to find your new hire. Think logically about how much time and money it will cost to focus on hiring and you might find that it would be cheaper, and much less stressful, to bring in a recruiter.

Low availability of candidates.
Despite reports of unemployment generally the tech market is different. Very few technology roles can be filled by people with transferrable skills, the roles usually demand someone who is currently performing that job elsewhere. Those candidates are not looking at your adverts and not looking for jobs so you are unlikely to attract them through normal channels and activities. Recruiters are embedded into the market and know which companies have the people you seek and are expert at identifying and approaching those people discretely with the opportunity that is right for them.

You’ve already tried to hire and were unsuccessful
You’ve posted your ads, gone through the applicants, maybe even interviewed a few… and still nobody is ticking the right boxes. You don’t know what’s going wrong so you need to bring in the professionals who do, and who will make sure that the next round will go right.

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